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Beginner Kids Self Defense Classes Enrolling In January

students in Kids Self Defense in Tempe - EVKM Self Defense & Fitness

As an official training center for Krav Maga Alliance, we are certified "experts in self-defense." We teach using proven and effective real-world applications that give kids the skills and information to protect themselves in all sorts of situations.

Kids Tempe Self Defense teaches controlled and preventative self-defense. We encourage peaceful outcomes whenever possible, however, if confrontation and violence are unavoidable, we teach proven and modern self-defense skills to defend themselves.

At our Kids Self Defense classes in Tempe, your child will learn the Krav Maga self-defense system and modern self-defense techniques and skills that they can apply in real-world scenarios. Our program is great for children 8 years old and up!

For a limited time, we are offering a free trial class to new students! Reserve your child's spot today!


Benefits of Kids Self Defense

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Agility, balance and coordination
  • Strength and stamina
  • Focus, attention
  • Self discipline and self control
  • Fitness and improved Health
  • Life skills and values
  • Peace and Respect for others
  • Bullying
  • Abduction
  • How to evade and escape
  • Avoiding drugs and violence
  • Dealing with weapons at school
  • How to handle confrontation and physical assaults
  • Steering clear from negative peer pressure

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