7 Reasons To Take Krav Maga Classes at EVKM

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7 Reasons To Take Krav Maga Classes at EVKM

Been thining about checking out some Krav Maga or self defense classes? Here are 7 reasons why you should go for it!

1. Beginners Are Welcome:

The vast majority of the new members at EVKM have never trained in any type of self-defense previously, and that is awesome. Krav Maga is for everyone and anyone, and our classes have all ages and body sizes. The techniques in Krav Maga are based on your body’s natural instincts, which makes it easier to learn, and we purposefully avoid techniques that rely on size or strength since we assume our potential attacker will be bigger and stronger than us. We even have classes just for beginners so that you can start out with others who are new and get a solid grasp of the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced classes.

2. For Effective Self Defense:

The class practices and works on the types of scenarios you are likely to encounter in your life – muggings, home invasions, attacks with weapons, sexual assault, bar fights, and others. The learning and training is fast-paced and the scenarios change quickly. The training will simulate these real life situations so that after you learn something you can then test it under stress and other factors. This type of training is used by the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as many law enforcement and security agencies around the world. They turn to Krav Maga for a reason.

3. It’s A Great Workout:

Krav Maga is not only a very effective method of self-defense, it’s also an amazingly great way to get fit. Punching, kicking, moving, and defending are all full body movements that burn calories, shred fat, and strengthen muscles. We’ve had so many members experience incredible weight loss from consistent attendance in our Krav Maga classes. If you want an additional high-intensity workout then jump into some Strikefit classes for a heavy bag workout. The combination of one of the best workouts you can find paired with life-saving self-defense techniques makes it a two for one combo that can't be beaten.

4. It Is A Ton of Fun:

The subject matter of learning to save your life and the lives of others is serious, but we have fun while training hard. Each class is different from the previous so that you never feel stuck in a rut, and before you know it you’ve been training hard for an hour. Smiles and laughs are as common as hooks and uppercuts. If you aren't having fun you are unlikely to stick with a training program long enough to reach the results and goals you are after, so enjoying the training is critical.

5. Community
 Is Important:

We take pride in our family of staff, instructors and members. Meeting new people can be really hard once you graduate school or move to a new area. What you will find after you start attending our Krav Maga class is a bunch of new people who you already have a hobby in common with.  Many of our members have social lives now that revolve around training and the people that they have met in class. There are new people starting classes all the time, so you will be right at home jumping in and making new friends.

6. You are in good hands:

The Instructors at EVKM are the best you can find. Not only do they apprentice and train extensively before becoming an instructor, but they also continuously attend and pass rigorous certifications held by the Krav Maga Alliance. This ensures that they meet the highest standards and provides an outside neutral observer to test them on whether they meet the qualifications to teach classes. You can feel confident that the instructors at EVKM are professionals who know how to run a safe class while teaching you these important skills. In addition, EVKM has instructors who attend training in Israel and are certified by the Wingate Institute, the official governing body of Krav Maga in Israel. EVKM instructors know how to give you high-quality training in a safe, fun, and professional environment.

7. The Boost of Confidence: 
You are capable of doing things you never even imagined you could, and Krav Maga classes at EVKM will show you just how badass you can be. The confidence you attain from learning to defend yourself and getting into the best shape of your life will carry over into confidence about all aspects of your life. Our members credit major quality of life improvements to their Krav Maga training, and we can’t wait to see what it will do for you.


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