July Krav Maga Tests

This month we held testing for both our adult and youth Krav Maga programs!

On Saturday, July 21st we held testing some of our adult Krav Maga students. Tests were held for Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. Altogether, almost 60 students participated in the testing!

These tests are an important part of our training to make sure that students are progressing through the curriculum and mastering the techniques required of them. Each Krav Maga level in our curriculum builds off of the techniques preceding it, so that it is a progressive and logical building of self-defense skill sets. It also makes starting in one of our programs a great experience as a beginner. 

Our students generally are ready for a Level 1 test following 4-6 months of consistent training in our beginner fundamental courses.

On Saturday, July 28th, we held youth testing for some of our students in our Young Warriors and Tiny Warriors programs. The ages of students in our youth Krav Maga programs range in age from 4 up to 15. They all did great and we are really proud of them!



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