Olivia Marie Garcia Learns Some Krav Maga

Viral video martial artist Olivia Marie Garcia recently stopped by EVKM to learn some Krav Maga!

Olivia became an online sensation with a video of her impressively spin kicking a water bottle and the video getting played on The Ellen Show, Tosh.0, amongst others, and even a Nike commercial! (Follow her on Instagram at @oliviamariaIG )

She's already a TKD World Champion, but wanted to learn some self defense moves with Krav Maga training. In her training session with EVKM Chief Instructor Derrek Hofrichter, she learned a defense vs Knife, Gun, and Stick. After training, Olivia and Derrek had some fun with their own Krav Maga version of her water bottle kicking stunt! 

Check out the video of them training together (and the water bottle kick at the end!).

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